Why Movement?

It all started with a run...

Running is one of the best aerobic exercises to physically condition your heart and lungs. Studies have shown that corresponding health benefits include: losing weight, increasing stamina, and reducing stress or mild depression.

Additionally, the barriers to entry are relatively low, particularly when compared to many other sports. All you, and elementary students, need is a decent pair of running shoes. There aren’t any gym fees, expensive equipment, or field reservations required. Unlike many other sports available to youth, you don’t need to coordinate with other students or coaches to get a full team roster in order to get your run in for the day.

Of course, it’s certainly helpful to run with a buddy! In fact, running can be a great social activity, an opportunity to develop social awareness, and a chance to create goals and boost confidence. The personal possibilities and rewards are endless.

How is Spark tackling the health crisis?

From the ground up.

Through community racing events that appeal to broad audiences and diverse levels of running experience. Through our outreach programming and collaborations with partner organizations. Through direct giving and grantmaking in support of health and fitness education in our schools.